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Limnu is the online whiteboard you’ve been looking for. Sketch, share, and collaborate with your
team like never before.

Limnu’s infinite whiteboard allows space for your biggest ideas. It connects your teams around
the world and across language barriers. How many times have you been on a team call and
heard someone say “I wish I could draw my idea for you”? From high-level brainstorming to
explaining abstract ideas, Limnu gets your distributed team communicating again.

Our team at Limnu have spent our careers building visual collaboration tools. We’ve worked for
Disney, DreamWorks Animation, Warner Bros., Electronic Arts, Industrial Light & Magic, and
many other companies where brainstorming, visual communication, and team-based iterative
design are part of the culture. We’re made up of artists, designers, and programmers with many
years of remote work experience. We know how to build the tools that will keep your team — no
matter the size, the location, or the project — innovative, efficient, and fast.


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David DeBry


(801) 449-0362

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David (grue) DeBry was co-founder of Cloudpic Global, which created and supported film and TV production pipelines for distributed production facilities in the United States and Asia. Grue studied mathematics at the University of Utah, and has 18 years of experience managing software teams and designing visual collaboration tools for studios including Industrial Light & Magic, and Electronic Arts. Grue is a co-author of 3 issued US patents.

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David Hart


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David Hart has 15 years of experience managing software teams and designing visual tools for studios including DreamWorks and Disney. David studied computer graphics and mathematics at Cornell University. David’s pursuits in digital imaging have led him to work in diverse fields ranging from digital art to medical imaging, from video games to computer animated feature films. David is co-author of 1 issued US patent and before co-founding Limnu, he led the LucidChart engineering team at startup Lucid Software.

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Amber Sawaya


Amber has been a consultant working remotely with clients for more than 10 years. Amber has worked on projects for Warner Bros., Technicolor, Universal, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and other big-name brands. She's a business owner, best-selling author, and master party-thrower. She studied graphic design a the University of Utah.


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